Globe 23” x 23” Base diameter 23” x 23” Height 5 ' 6 "determined. 


*Production unit (approximate shipping specifications) - size approx 2'x2'x7' and weight 120 lbs (single unit ships UPS or can fit up to 4 per pallet for LTL freight).


*Due to special branding for this mega redemptiongumball line of machines and critical operating specifications - all product used in the vending machine (Mega Blaster) must be sourced from TXVend Inc. (standard industry pricing applies).

MEGABLASTER (Patents Pending)

  • By Purchasing Mega Blaster You Agree to Purchase the Following Products Only From Amazing Vending Machines, Inc

    • Prizes

      • Scientifically designed for the right weight and size for Mega Blaster to work properly​

      • Branding on products for repeat business

      • To ensure quality and consistency of prizes across the Mega Blaster platform.  Inferior products may affect reviews of Mega Blaster negatively for other customers

      • Prize pack contains 70% light weight collectables (decorated empty capsules that are very inexpensive).  30% are actual prizes.

      • Prizes designed not to break when hit by the "pistons" of Mega Blaster

      • Prize assortment designed for maximum profit but alluring to clients.

    • Bouncy Balls​

      • Specific rubber density and weight to knock prizes out for wins​

      • Branded